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Welcome to my repo!

Hi! I am Milo (sometimes: milo64 or suttiwit). I am a GNU/Linux Programmer. I spend time in front of the computer and happy coding.
I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am 12 years old. I also coded this website from scratch!
I am online on the forums as "suttiwit".

Version: 3.1
GO d@x s: a---- C+ UL++++ P---? L++++ !E---- !W+++ !N? !o--? K----? !w---? O-- !M-- !V--? !PS---? !PE--? !Y? !PGP---- !t !5? X+ R- tv b++ DI D G e-- h !r y

Why need a repository?
That maybe what you are asking for... Well, I have many programs, games and viruses I coded and stored on my small 32GB Thumb Drive.
As you can see, I want to host all my programs, games and viruses (Viruses that don't work) to the world. So, I am planning to keep all my files in one repository so anyone can get my Programs, Games and Viruses I coded easily.
Also, please note that my programs and games are designed to work in GNU/Linux. I do not garuntee it will work in Windows.

Uh... Viruses??!
Don't be afraid. Those virus aren't in the HTML.
They are in the repositories and they won't attack your computer. Most of them are Windows viruses. But for windows users, be aware of running them accidentally, I take no responsibility.
Also, I have Linux Viruses too! But, they need to be run as root and they need to be copied to one of $PATH to work...
So, don't worry. You are going to be fine. Those viruses are for *YOUR* victims (if you have).
Just be extra careful when clicking the link to browse the files in the Virus Repository.

31 Dec 2012: Added many useful stuff. Why don't you have a look at the Programs/ directory?
23 Nov 2012: Coded a daemon for GNU/Linux to control the backlight brightness correctly.
11 Nov 2012: Added a C code that generates terminal art in to a file. named "darkmagic.c".
08 Nov 2012: Coded and added lcurses (Lightweight curses).
03 Nov 2012: Added New Stuff (wepcrack-util, getpasswd, mtu-seek).
30 Oct 2012: Recoded c-lock. Many things have been improved. ncurses is required!
24 Oct 2012: Removed Constant Editor.
16 Oct 2012: Fixed clrscr.
9 Oct 2012: Added "No Thai Thanks!" and "no" in Programs.
8 Oct 2012: Re-hosted c-lock with new code. Now, C-LOCK can prevent CTRL+C and other quit signals.
4 Oct 2012: Added clrscr as a new module for C Scripts. (More information, read the man page).
1 Oct 2012: Removed virus: rabbit and SysChomp. They were corrupted.

Top Programs
ABC, A GNU/Linux daemon to control the backlight brightness properly, see README (Programs): Click here.
lcurses, A Lightweight and simple curses for C scripts (Programs): Click here.
wepcrack-util, Crack WEP Key of an access-point (Programs): Click here. getpasswd, Get password from user without echoing for shell scripts (Programs): Click here.
No, A response to the "yes" command. Does the similar thing. (Programs): Click here.
No Thai Thanks!, Redirect to English Language Pages for sites that have auto redirection to thai page. (Programs): Click here.
clrscr, Advanced screen clearing module for C Scripts. (Programs): Click here.
Sid_the_troublemaker (Virus): Click here.
C-lock, the most advanced terminal session locker (Programs): Click here.
CS-CHK, ncurses file checksum checker (Programs): Click here.
yt_conv, A module for C codes. Converts year (Programs): Click here.
epoch2time Converter, Converts UNIX time to Human Readable (Programs): Click here

Well? You wanna browse my stuff huh? Fine. But, they are mostly Text-mode programs and the codes and files can be messy for programmers to have fun solving the puzzle.
My repo is updated once a week. Sometimes I am not home so I don't get a chance to do it or I forgot. So, you just gotta remind me if i forget by e-mail.
Main repo root: files/
Programs repo: files/Programs
Games repo: files/Games
Viruses repo: files/Virus

Other stuff of mine
Me being in VisualRC.: Click here.
Fusedit, A text-editor similar to MS-DOS EDLIN.: Click here.
Compose MUSIC!: Click here
Copyright © milo, All rights reserved.

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